How to Get a Free Ranking From the Google Directory

If you are running a Business, building an Authority Website can be very beneficial. Building your authority website can generate a lot of traffic from search engines like Google and DMOZ as well as get you more searches.

Authority Website

Now, how do you build an Authority Website? First off, to know where to start, you must have the basic knowledge on what building an Authority Website is all about.

In order to build an Authority Website, there are basically 2 things that you should have. Firstly, you must have a search engine submission and secondly, you must have a link with Authority.

To make your website rank free from the “Inner Links” of a competitor, you will need to be submitting to these free directories. The best place to start is to submit to the major free directories like Yahoo or Google.

You will need to make sure that the domain you choose to submit to is not already listed in the major free directories. This may mean that your competitor already has a ranking.

Next, you will want to go to your favorite search engine and look at some of the popular websites that get 100’s of visits each day. These sites usually offer free information about many different areas such as relationship-building, internet marketing, home-based business, home-based jobs, education, finance, etc.

When you have found these sites and want to build an Authority Website, then you want to start posting an article to them. To get an effective article, you want to write an informative, and preferably humorous article about whatever it is that you are promoting on your website.

You also need to make sure that the content you provide is of high quality and relevance to the niche. Most people use these places as an avenue to improve their ranking for certain keywords.

So, how can you get an Authority Link? For example, when you are building an Authority Website, you want to ensure that you have links from several other websites that give you authority.

If you find that you get several links from different websites, then you will find that it’s a good idea to submit both the link from the other website and an Authority Link from your own website. This way, your Authority Link from your own website can rank free and your links from other websites can also rank free.

After you have gotten a couple of articles out to many websites, you want to add your website to the “Inner Links” of these websites. This can be done by either submitting to the free directories or adding your website to a Web Directory.

By including your site name in the resource box at the bottom of each article, it will definitely help you get free rankings from the major search engines. To get your website listed in the Google, Yahoo and DMOZ free directories, you need to register with the directories.