Târgovişte is the city of residence of Dâmboviţa county, located in Muntenia, with a population of almost 90,000 inhabitants. The rich history of this city of Wallachia is still present in this city with a centuries-old cultural tradition.

Perfect location in the heart of the country

Positioned on a terrace above the Ialomița valley, Târgoviște is neighboring the sub-Carpathian hills, the sub-hilly plain region, with a pleasant climate, temperate throughout the year. The rural area next to this city offered real estate developers the opportunity to build houses at the best prices.

AMS Grand House chose to build villas for sale a small charming town – Ulmi, Matraca village. Here a small neighborhood with elegant houses has developed, with generous green spaces, where families start to move, transforming each residence into their own home.
The simple and tasteful architecture, the solid construction, the large spaces, have already attracted buyers. Here you can find houses for sale near Târgoviște, where you can do sports and barbecue, where children play outdoors, where you can bring your dog and cat and life goes at its own pace, away from the noise of the city, stress and pollution.

The Perfect Family Property

The houses have a plot of 220 sq m, landscaped with green space, alleys and trees. The ground floor and the attic provide the necessary comfort for a family. Living room, large bedrooms, dressing room, bathrooms, kitchen, office, terrace and balconies – everything is designed to provide a space as pleasant and useful as possible. You can arrange each room to your taste, and the shops in Târgoviște give you the opportunity to easily buy the desired furniture and appliances.

Proximity to the city means saving time, in a world increasingly pressured by obligations. Targoviste is a modern, well-developed city, where you have shopping centers at hand, even a newly built mall. There are many schools, high schools, university center, and children can benefit from education in the vicinity of the place of residence.
The city offers professional opportunities, both within companies and companies always looking for employees, but also for developing a business. Work from home is favored if you have a comfortable space where you can set up an office, right in your own home.

In the city you have gyms, leisure areas, parks and gardens, which will delight you in your free time. And when you stay at home in the small neighborhood, you can invite your friends to the barbecue in the yard, you can take nature walks, read on the terrace, really enjoy life. The villa complex in Matraca is only 70 km from Bucharest, and the mountain resorts in the Prahova valley are also easily accessible.

Choose the comfort of a villa, at the price of an apartment, and arrange your home the way you want. A turnkey villa means first of all saving time and money, and the geographical position of these houses gives you the possibility of a quieter life, in a beautiful area with a good climate. Your children grow more harmoniously with nature and pets enjoy generous spaces in their own yard.


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