The service provides customers with an initial meditation course that covers a variety of different meditation techniques. If the user subscribes to the service and completes this course, they will be given a questionnaire given to them via a ‘chatbot.’ Based on the user’s experience from the first course, the chatbot will recommend the user a selection of new courses or products to try.

The courses/ products contain a video which plays a guided meditation with some videos containing a brief introduction talking about a different aspect of meditation.

Some courses also include written instruction with more in-depth information on those particular days subject.

The teacher of the meditation course will always be available for the user to contact via email to ask a question or get support. This side of the business will not be handled by the teacher but by a customer service team using macros written by the teachers.

The service is paid via a monthly or yearly subscription with the opportunity to buy add on or extra products.


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